CHALLENGES January Gi'Me Gi'Me Gi'Me Challenge


Fashions of the Time - thank you for the fun challenge. Started with a template from a Scrapaneers class - papers - mix & match - Marisa Lerin - some items - Touch of Style - Marisa Lerin - some items
Grandma's Sewiing Room - Susie Roberts - one overlay - my stash - photos - pixabay - fonts - Aaron Script - Deciso - Futura Condensed - Journaling reads as follows.
Do I remember fashion, for as long as I can remember clothes and fashion played a very important part in my life, having said that it still does well at least having nice clothes is. I think growing up and especially when I got older shoppingwith my Mum was such a great time. We seemed to always like the same thing. My teenage years was the era of short dresses and of course I remember it was most important to have boots. Now to the short dresses that was one thing that could cause a difference of opinion with my Mum, her idea was not quite so short her only Daughter had other ideas. Funny I rememberonce saying to her if me having a short dress and long hair is your only problem you have nothing to worry about.
Needless to say my Mum took a very dim view of that remark at the time. Long hair was another problem she did not like me with long hair as I had natural wavy hair, and she thought if I grew it I would loose the wave. She eventually gave up and I have still long hair today, I still call it teenage rebellion, oh well sounds good to me. Something I still remember to this day I was around 15 or so at the time, and I was so busy worryingabout what particular thing was fashion at the time. My very quite Dad spoke up, called me by his nick name for me, and said in a few words. It doesn’t matter what the fashion is, it is what suits you that counts. I will say now he was oh so right.


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Loved this fashionable challenge, Vivi


This is a 2nd one for me I hope that is ok, I also took a completely different swing with this one. My Brother was in the fashion industry from the day he left school and eventually worked his way up to be a Director of Target, then along with his wife owned his own children's clothing business. This layout was based on a magazine interview he did back in 1972. the journaling piece is a small snippet from that interview. The papers are a mixture from - Over the Moon Collection - Multiply Designers - Of Beauty and Grace - Manu Scraps - other items - Of Beauty and Grace - Manu Scraps - some photos - mine - some pixabay - fonts Futura Condensed - Dark Town Script - Aaron Script - Myriad Pro - League Spartan - Built Titling - Playfair Display - Nunito - Sorry I can't display the journaling