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Journaling In Craft Artist 2

Diane's Art

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Okay, I am drawing a blank here. I know I have done journaling in Craft Artist at least once before. I usually only put one line titles on my page and that is not a problem. I need to know what command to use to journal an entire page. Thank you!


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I usually draw a box or other shape, then click in the box and type the text. You can edit the text same as usual


love a challenging challenge
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It depends if you want to hide or blend the text. By far the easiest way is to simply chose the text tool and start writing. Default will give you font size 12 times new Roman. Write a bit in that first, then select it and now you can change text size and type. When you continue writing that will be how it goes on. Later you can highlight some text and change font colour,or the font itself even font size of just that word. You can play with settings too,to make it curved tec. I will find you a tutorial tomorrow and post the link here, but really just experiment with different type. It is just like writing a letter in word. No need for a text box if it is straight forward writing.

Diane's Art

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Thank you Wendy and Vivi. I was able to do journaling once before, but could not get it figured out the next time I attempted. I will give it a try again. Thank you.