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July 2018 Texture Challenge


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This month's textures are made from photos I took on our recent vacation to Canaan Valley, West Virginia.

Your challenge is to use at least 2 of the textures on a page. (You can create your own papers with them, add textures to papers from a kit, add textures to your photos, etc.--basically, use them any way you want!)

Try playing with various blend modes and you can get some cool effects!

Just a few ideas with instructions, you can find lots more on the web:
Here is a tutorial from Digital Scrapper on using textures: https://www.digitalscrapper.com/blog/hard-light-magic/
And another from Sahlin Studio: http://sahlinstudio.com/using-textur...eative-photos/
And a video tutorial from Marisa Lerin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3Za5bKhMAI

You can download the textures in the Freebies for Registered Members section of the forum.

Upload your page to the Monthly Challenges gallery and post in this thread. Please be sure to tell us which 2 textures you used. :)

Have fun!


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Kim, thank you for the wonderful textures and for the challenge.


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Love these texture challenges. Really makes you think!

Will see what I can do once my visitors have gone home next week.


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Thank you Kim for hosting this challenge and providing us with some great textures.


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I'll be back later to DL the textures. You have inspired me to take my own texture photos of my own. Lots of fun.


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Thank you Kim for the challenge and for textures.
Created in CA2.
Lichen 3 hard light blend mode
Lichen 1 luminosity blend mode
Rock hardlight blend mode and then Rock colourburn blend mode.

Another Place is a piece of modern sculpture by Sir Antony Gormley located at Crosby Beach near Liverpool, UK.
It consists of 100 cast iron figures facing towards the sea. The figures are modelled on the artist's own naked body.


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I had an urge to just play...... the round lichen texture screamed "planet", so that's where I went. The yellow planet I used the rock texture, and the sky has the first lichen texture.


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This is so lovely.......your use of textures is so creative (her hand!). Outstanding page!


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Love your use of those textures behind the fun elements! And your photos of Spain are the perfect choice for your beautiful page.