Our July Progressive Scrap starts this Sunday, 12th.  Thank you to Karen (Pekarokiki) who will be our host for this challenge.

July Extraction Challenge


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Well good morning ladies!!!:-i

Welcome to the July Challenge!!
I thought this month we would try to make some extractions...(always fun!!). There's no particular requirement for the type of extraction: it can be a full body extraction (or something else), but you also do an OOB, with a partial extraction of an arm or a leg, or something else (surprise me

Here's something to get you started:


Here's my layout:

I copied the photo several times. Then used the upper copy for the extraction of the beautiful lady and blended the other copies into the background (1 of the copies I made a sketch effect).

As always: the most important thing is to have fun.

Can't wait to see your layouts!!

Hugs, Sonja


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Challenge Host - July
Excellent challenge!! Thank you Sonja for hosting and for the fabulous freebie. :-k


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thank you for the freebie and the challenge sonja i am a bit out of action at the moment due to my acciident ...i will participate asap.xxx