July GSO - 2018


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It's time for a new month and for lots of lovely nominations from members for gallery images that have caught the eye.

There is a limit of 2 nominations per person per day. It would also be appreciated (although not compulsory) if you could say WHY you like the image so much.

I look forward to seeing lots of lovely images in this GSO thread for July.


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THANK YOU so much Mary, I am always thrilled to be selected for this thread!! ! I have scrapped this photo of Lanaia quite a few times as I just love the look that I captured! :)


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This just so.darn.BEAUTIFUL!! absolutely love it and you beat me to it Mary, highlighting it here! :)


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Gorgeous choice Kathy the framing is wonderful the photos are beautiful, love the clusters.Congaratulations Kay on GSO xxx


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Thanks, Kathy. This is a template by PrelestnayaP... and I also love the triangle shapes for the photos. Fell in love with the template and know I will use it again and again.
Thanks for the sweet words, Mary...