July Inspiration Challenge


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Hi and Welcome to the new July challenge! :-39

This month I have been inspired by movie posters!

Here are some examples:

And this is my layout:

I used a different size canvas resembling a movie poster (it's an A4 size)

But if you want, you can also use a " normal" size paper of 12 by 12 inches, like I did for this layout:

I made this for the " favorite book challenge" a while ago, but it's also one of my favorite movies. :-60

If you need more inspiration and you have Pinterest, you can also check out my " Movieposter bord":


Or of course use google.

Thank you so much for looking and I'm looking forward to your layouts!


Sonja :-i
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Great challenge Sonja and excellent examples. Thank you for hosting!

Diane's Art

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Thank you for the challenge Sonja. Your layouts are awesome examples! Star Wars would have been one of my first choices.

Sue C

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awesome challenge ... movie posters are some of my favourite images love your example pages


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I love Star Wars too Diane! I infected my kids with the virus too; we had some amazing lightsaberfights when they were younger (hi,hi).
I can't wait for the new movie!

Diane's Art

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I heard the new movie is out this December. I saw Rogue One and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I thought the reason for the extra movies was to fill in the story of the trilogy. It upset me that they did not tell the story of Luke and Leia's childhood.
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The movie poster inspiration is a fun challenge. Love your awesome pages for the challenge!


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I'm not, and never have been, a movie person but there is some great art in the posters .. this will be fun for me to find one ... your creations are wonderful, Sonja


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Loved this challenge, and meant to do something colourful, but kept being drawn to the simple white or monochrome. Love the Grease one all it has is a comb and the name, all the Hair posters were sort of rainbow effect, so this is a combi inspiration if you will.


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I loved both of your example pages and the great inspiration pieces. I am just wondering, does our layout have to be about movies or just inspired by the posters?