July Mood Board Challenge


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Thank you for this wonderful mood board, lovely page so far!
I was inspired by the black & white photos, the eye, the heart (love) and the color orange.


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Forgot to put my page here, Thanks for the challenge


Layout made with "Artsy Bits 8 template", Essentials 7", Beach Findings" and "colourful papers" all by Happy Scrap Arts
Photographs are mine
The colourful aspect of the mood board inspired me.
Colourful Aruba.jpg


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I was inspired by the black & white, the red brush and pencil and the tree. Thanks for a great mood board Robyn.


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Thank you for hosting this months mood board Robyn
my inspiration came from the Zebra, Stripes and the colour orange


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Challenge Host - July
As always there are some pretty wonderful Layouts here. This is mine. Inspiration:colour yellow, music, time


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Thank you Robyn for hosting - my inspiration was the stripes on the zebra (the grasshopper), the camera (my own photos), the colours yellow & green from the pencils and the tree - like a spiders web :whistle: