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I cannot apologize enough for making you wait. I hope you find this worth the wait! (I haven't had time to make an example for you but it is on my agenda to do tonight.) The dates are a bit different but please take your time.

step 1 Friday July 16, step 2 Sunday July18, step 3, Tuesday July 20 Step 4 Thursday July22
Final Saturday July24

You will need one photo of a face. Just a face. It may be coloured or black and white. Set it aside for now. Choose your kit(s) paying attention to the colour pallet.

Step 1: Creating the background
(Please note that I work in PSE and have no clue how other programs work. however I know that those who work in other programs are quite adept and work-arounds.)

- Choose a paper that is either solid or slightly patterned.
On a new layer:
- Choose one of these shapes, hexagon, triangle, circle or diamond. (The shape picker in PSE should have those.)

- Using the shape and a low opacity colour that will work with your pallet, create some weathered graffiti. To do that, place the repeated shape in 3 rows of different lengths. Take a brush or eraser that has an uneven edge and low opacity to cut out parts of the rows. Change the strength and direction of the brush keeping the edges the lightest to appear faded.

- Place the graffiti near a lower corner. Keep the graffiti relatively large but no more than ¼ covering the page. You repeat the process as many times as you like and in different sizes.

- Start a new layer choose a different colour or softer tone-- find a flourish, swirl or arty brush and ‘paint’ in and around the weathered graffiti stretching it out to fill the bottom quarter or slightly more of the page.

Please add this to the temporary progressive gallery and place each step in a separate post.
My page step 1

Step 2 adding depth Sunday July18

- Making a template.
- Using a solid colour from your pallet make a larger version of the same shape as the rows of graffiti. About double the size. Label it ‘base’

- On a new layer, duplicate the layer with a different colour. Label it ‘top’ (this will be deleted so the colour doesn’t matter) Reduce the size of the top shape and centre it over the larger shape. Highlight the ‘top’ shape using the magic wand to get the marching ants. ( The shape must be simplified to do that)
- Highlight the larger base shape and press delete to cut out the centre of the larger shape. Turn off the smaller shape. The larger shape should be open in the centre. Delete the smaller shape.

- Give the open shape a bevel. Size the shape to be small, (about 1inch by 1 inch). Repeat the template several times to create an mesh like mat in the top corner diagonally from the graffiti.

- Repeat the process with the same template, but place it across the bottom corner and along the side creating an L shape with the graffiti and only 1 row in width.

- choose a paper with a pattern and use it to fill some of the open shapes. You may use more than one paper if you wish.

‘Weather’ both mesh mats.

Step 3: the portrait –playing with filters

On a new workspace
, NOT YOUR BACKGROUND on separate layers duplicate the photo. Make sure they are on different layers.

- In the filters gallery, choose texture. Add a small texture like canvas or sandstone to the portrait. Label that layer with the type of filter you used.

- On the duplicate layer, choose a second filter. Apply it and label the type of filter used.

Play with the opacity, and even switch the layers to see the different effects. Choose the one you like and link the layers..

Put the portrait only In the temporary gallery so we can clearly see the photo effects.

filters: sandstone watercolour

Step 4. Photo placement

Place the linked photo on the background paper and size the photo to your liking. Be sure to leave enough space around it for the final step.

- Choose to frame or mask the portrait. (You may want to do both to get the OOB effect.)

If you use a frame, attach the frame to the background using a staple, pin, hinge or other fastener.

If you mask it, clip the photo to the mask.

Optional: You may try putting a paper between the mask and the photo then change the opacity of the photo to add a little more depth. (Use the ‘create clipping mask ‘ from photo to paper and paper to mask)

Final Step Embellishments

- Now that the work is done, you get to play. Create floral clusters that flow around, beside and behind the portrait.

- Add a little something that is not a flower or leaf. (jewels, pearls, book, lace, butterfly etc)

- In the top corner, on top of the rows of shapes add a small cluster that has bits that echo the lower corner cluster.

- add shadows if you haven’t already done so


Add anything else that makes you happy…. a title, text, page edge etc.

It is your page so make it unique to you.

I will add my finished page after you have all had a chance to finish yours.

Thank you all for joining me. I truly hope you enjoyed the challenge.

Add your final page to the PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGE GALLERY.

My final page. Thank you to all who joined me in the challenge. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

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I cannot apologize enough for making you wait. I hope you find this worth the wait! (I haven't had time to make an example for you but it is on my agenda to do tonight.) The dates are a bit different but please take your time.
No apology necessary friend ♥ & thank you



Here is mine....
Credits: GTD Forgotten diaries


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What awesome starts for everyone! The weathered graffiti I am seeing is fantastic.I hope you all are keeping it in your stash for use elsewhere. A trick I use is to change the colour to grey with the opacity the same, and keep it as a template to re-colour as needed.