Our July Progressive Scrap starts this Sunday, 12th.  Thank you to Karen (Pekarokiki) who will be our host for this challenge.

July Progressive Scrap


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'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue!' .....
.....this is the theme for the July Progressive scrap.......it might be a little crazy but hopefully a lot of fun!

We will be making 4 'Skinny scraps' with the last step bringing them together on one page with a few tweaks. ;)

Our finished page will be SQUARE so each skinny scrap needs to be a 'tall and skinny' *(Vertical)
or 'long and thin' *(Horizontal) QUARTER of your square.
(I use a Pixel measurement when setting up my pages so my vertical skinny quarter measures 150 pix x 600 pix
which will make a 600 x 600 when I put all 4 finished scraps together)

So let's get started ......
Step 1- OLD .... is very easy
Simply choose an Old scrap of your own which you have uploaded to JustArt and fill your 'skinny page' with a section of it.

Please name your page 'PS Step 1 - OLD' and upload to the 'Temporary Gallery July Progressive scrap' .......
....in the description of your skinny page please add the 'BB code with thumbnail' from your original scrap it was taken from (the third line of code found under 'Share this media' ) - that way you don't have to add all the content details again! ;)

You only need to add your skinny scrap to this thread by the way - click the little camera icon (Gallery embed) and choose your uploaded skinny page, then 'Continue', to easily add your page to the thread. :)

Here is my example, Step 1 Skinny Scrap:

View media item 59719
Have fun folks!
Step 2 - Tuesday July 16th

So here we are with Step 2 of the challenge.........we are going to create our second 'Skinny scrap' and this time it's a NEW one
Using the same '1/4 of a square page' size as step 1 create a new section in any style, colour theme etc. of your choice.....try not to give it too much thought and just go with whatever pops into your head!
There is no 'right or wrong' way to go here......it's all just a bit of creative fun :)

Please DO NOT add this step to your 1st one but upload it as a separate image.....
we will be putting all 4 skinnys together in the final step. ;)

Name your skinny page 'PS step 2 - NEW' and upload it to the 'Temporary Gallery July Progressive Scrap' in the challenge section.

Relax and enjoy! x
Here is mine Step 2:
View media item 59812

Step 3 - Thursday July 18th

For our next skinny scrap - Step 3 - we are going to 'borrow' part of a design from a fellow JA artist ....
....in other words scraplift a portion of a page that takes your fancy in the Just Art Gallery.
Have a look through the gallery (go back as far as you like!) and pick a page that you like ...
recreate a portion of it in your own way for 'PS Step 3 - Borrowed'.
EDIT: Sincere apologies for not making this very clear......a 'scraplift' is where you make a new page based on the design
of your chosen page from the gallery using your own chosen elements....
please do not just just copy & paste the original design.

Upload your skinny scrap with the title 'PS Step 3 - Borrowed' to the 'Temporary Gallery Progressive scrap'


As in Step 1 of the challenge please Copy & Paste the 3rd line of code - BB code with thumbnail (under 'Share this media'), from the page that you are 'borrowing' from, into the description section of your skinny scrap.

Enjoy the journey! ;)
Here is my Step 3 skinny:

View media item 59902

Step 4 - Saturday July 20th

It's time for the Step 4 skinny......
simply create a Blue skinny scrap and incorporate a butterfly or dragonfly on this one please.
Name your upload 'PS Step 4 - BLUE and add it to the 'Temporary Gallery Progressive scrap' section of the gallery.

This skinny will complete the 4 parts that will create our final page.........see you again on Monday! :)
Here is my Step 4:
View media item 60007
Final page - Monday July 22nd

We've made it through to Step 5...the Final page!

I know a lot of you were a little worried about how this Progressive scrap would end up and I had no idea myself how things would actually come together until I tried out my 'plan' this morning with the 4 skinnys that I had made...yes folks, I was playing along with you right to the end with only a twinkle of an idea of how to end the scrap....lol.....living on the scrap edge you might say. ;)

So.....to finish your scrap:

1. Add your 4 skinnys to a square page .....this can be in any order that you like but line them up side by side to fill the page.

2. Add a background paper (Choose wisely!)

3. Blend your skinnys into the background paper .....we need to see there is a background paper!
(If you don't have the means to blend then do some creative cutting on your skinnys to let some of the background show through!)

4. Add whatever else you like to your page to enhance (but not obliterate) your 4 skinnys.....be as creative as you like!

Name your page - PS Final + your own title and upload your finished creation to the PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGE section of the gallery (not the temporary one!)

I'm really looking forward to seeing all your works of art......have lots of creative fun folks! x

Here is my final page and a description of how I created it:

Working in CraftArtist2 -
My 4 skinny scraps were grouped together and converted into a single image.
I added a background paper and framed it with a 'scrap edge',
made 2 more copies of the combined skinnys and used the 'Overlay' blend mode on the top two
and the 'Colour Burn' blend mode on the bottom one which I also added a 'Radial' transparency to.
Added a few of the embellishments that I had used on my original skinnys plus a few extras.'
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This looks fabulous Anne! Thank you so much for hosting the scrap. ❤


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Already proving very interesting, Anne. Love it.
Step 2
Step 3 - thinking with my choices this might be getting a little dicey:)
View media item 59926Step 4
View media item 60038Final - really enjoyed the challenge, Anne - made me use the old brain a bit.
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Step 1 OLD
View media item 59831
Step 2 NEW
View media item 59832

Step 4 BLUE

FINAL PAGE for the Challenge! I had SO much fun with this creative Progressive, Anne! xoxoxoxo
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Pinx Pretty by SB Kingdom; Pixabay Photo



I don't think this going to turn out very well!

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Here is my spot....

Step 1

Step 2 - New

Step 3 - Borrowed

Step 4

Final Step

Blended a brown wood BG paper then applied a white vignette to the page.
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Hmm not too sure where this is going to end up. Most of the pages I thought may be good to use are not in my gallery anymore as I cleaned it out. So here is what I came up with. The original "old" is Here.
View media item 59759
PS 2 new
View media item 59876
PS3 borrowed Thanks to Oldenmeade
View media item 60184
View media item 60186
Final Thanks for a very challenging challenge. It was fun.
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This was difficult for me. I had to keep going over the instructions/back to the gallery/forgetting what I needed and redoing it. I hope I have it correct. This is interesting and I can't wait to see how it ends up. Than you for an interesting PS!


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Intriguing!!! I wonder how this is all going to plan out? 💜