Our July Progressive Scrap starts this Sunday, 12th.  Thank you to Karen (Pekarokiki) who will be our host for this challenge.

July Progressive Scrap


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The final step of the challenge has been posted folks......let's see those creative juices flow! :) x


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What a fabulous, FABULOUS scrap Anne! It's been interesting, unique, creative. I don't know how you came up with this idea, but congratulations on your creativity in creating this PS. I LOVE IT!! ❤ Your final page is simply GORGEOUS!



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Challenge Host - July
Thanks for the interesting Prog Scrap Anne, wasn't sure how mine would all turn out but I kind of like it.


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A really great progressive scrap Anne thank you ...... not knowing where you're going is pretty scary lol but, oh my goodness, look what pages have been produced so far :-61 and now here goes with mine :unsure::-28

I merged all 4 skinny Scraps, made smaller than page and added background papers blended. Duplicated merged skinnies and changed to b&w, posturized, edge detect...hard light, lighten
Added paper on top - changed blend mode to darker colour, duplicated then colour burn and exclusion
Added elements with different blend modes
One final paper added on top as an overlay



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many very beautiful compositions! nothing stops you !! In vacancy with a rare connection I regret not having been able to participate, it is challenge is a success


There are some amazing final pages here already. I just edited my post to add my final page, and just want to say Thank your for a very interesting and fun challenge!


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Really enjoyed this and put me to the test! Thanks for the challenge Anne : 0)