CHALLENGES July White Space Challenge


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Welcome to the July White Space Challenge.
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In the past Sonja did this challenge beautifully..these are the instructions and details of what a white space should be...
It should actually be called an "empty space" layout, which is a much better name. At least half to two thirds of your layout should be empty (or "white space", if you use a white background). It's the art of minimalism, or leaving out things, or giving your photo all the attention..
I hope that makes it a bit more clear...

When you see a white space layout, it always looks so easy, but let me tell you: IT'S NOT!

I don't know about you, but I am always adding stuff; a little flower here, a brush there, some paint, etcetera..

So here's the recipe:

-1 solid background (can be white, but it doesn't have to be)
- 1 photo
- NO MORE than 8 different embellishments (including masks, paint, swirls, flowers, brads, etcetera), repetition of the same embellishment doesn't count
- some wordart (no restriction)

- try to leave open as much space as you can, by clustering your elements.
Here is my page.

Thank you Mary for hosting this challenge and creating a lovely sample page. JA5 JA5
thank you for the challenge

Stunning white space, love the beautiful photo with the clusters, the artsy bits and the word art. Thank you for taking part in the challenge.xx
One of my favorite challenges. Thanks for hosting, Mary!

Beautiful white space, love the photo, the buttons,the ribbon, the bee the scatters,the colours and the word art. Thank you for taking part in the challenge.xx