June 2023 GSO.

Love the this page by Kakleidesigns...Karen, with the beautiful woman looking at the amazing scene with the awesome effects.xxx
OMG Mary, thanks so much my friend, you really and literally converted a bad day into a very lovely one, :-26 so so much.!
Love the gorgeous page by Kakleidesigns (Karen)--elegant couple dancing, effects, blended face, clusters, artsy bits, blending and wonderful song lyrics!

:-61Thanks so much for this my friend, again what an awesome surprise to wake up to...I am definitely doing my happy dance...:-c:-f:-f:-f
Love the gorgeous page by Poppy (Mary)--beautiful graduation photo of her granddaughter and beautiful colors, clusters, artsy bits, script, blending and quote!

Thank you so much Grace, I am truly thrilled to bits and doing my happy dance.xxx :-7 :-10:-l💃💃💃:-62:-62