June 2024 Challenge Tracker.


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Challenge Host - June
Use this thread if you would like to keep track of the challenges that you have done during the month of June.

There is no need to link (but it can be helpful if you do) and it's optional whether or not you want to use this thread. ;)
1 Clean and Simple Challenge HOST LINK
2 Finish the Sentence Plus 1 Challenge. HOST LINK
3 White Space Challenge. HOST LINK
4 Music Challenge..HOST LINK
5 Well Hidden Challenge. HOST LINK
6 Moni P.S. Step 1 and 2 LINK Step 3 and 4 LINK
7 Kythe..Signature Challenge. LINK
8 Esther.Big photo Challenge. LINK
9 Grace.Color Challenge. LINK
10 Sherry D.ATC Challenge LINK
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Here I am
1. Finish the Sentence - LINK
2. Hidden in Plain Sight - LINK
3. Progressive Scrap - LINK
4. Colour Challenge - LINK
5. Quote challenge - LINK
6. Random word - LINK
7. Signature - LINK
8. Shape Up - LINK
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1. Siggy Challenge
2. Progressive Scrap
3. Music Challenge
4. Big Photo Challenge
5. White Space Challenge
6. Hidden In Plain Site
7. Use My Kit Challenge
8. Friday Freebie Purple Haze by Grace
9. Clean & Simple
10. Color Challenge
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Big photo-Congratulations on Gallery eye catcher- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/my-june-2024-big-photo-frog-jpg.116650/
Step 4- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/lo-4-my-june-2024-progressive-challenge-step-4-hungary-budapest-in-2016-pict-jpg.116626/
Step3- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/my-june-2024-progressivechallenge-step3-hungary-budapest2016-jpg.116597/
Step 2- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...llenge-step2-hungary-budapest2016-jpg.116528/
Step 1- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...llenge-step1-hungary-budapest2016-jpg.116497/
Clean and Simple- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...me-and-a-hawk-jpg.116500/#xfmg-comment-701701
Quote Challenge- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...mmer-quote-lo-jpg.116529/#xfmg-comment-701770
Mini Kit- Congratulations on GSO https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...hts-in-lemmer-jpg.116548/#xfmg-comment-702325
ATC- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...atc-steampunk-jpg.116550/#xfmg-comment-701976
Random Word- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...-word-imagine-jpg.116574/#xfmg-comment-702002
Hidden in Plain Sight- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...-hidden-mouse-jpg.116575/#xfmg-comment-702044
White Space- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...-twin-sisters-jpg.116576/#xfmg-comment-702076
Music- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...etha-franklin-jpg.116599/#xfmg-comment-702071
Siggie- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...gie-juni-2024-jpg.116624/#xfmg-comment-702221
Color Congratulations on GSO-
Finish the Sentence Plus 1- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.c...-we-finish-the-sentence-plus-1-lo-jpg.116523/
Shape - Congratulations on POTD
Mask - https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/june-2024-my-mask-mill-jpg.116736/
Mask- https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/my-july-2024-mask-loving-nature-jpg.116737/
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