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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Yes!!! I will hit the big 78 on June 5th so I am celebrating with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mood Board!!!! It's party time!!!
Now you all know the rules----pick three or more things that inspire you: Colors, shapes, textures, anything at all. Explain how the three things inspired the layout that you did. It does NOT have to be birthday related. Your layout can be about anything!
How about a color, a silhouette and a butterfly.
Or maybe the graffiti texture along with some ribbon and a black and white photo?
The possibilities are endless and I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Here is my Birthday Mood Board!!

Well, duhhhhh, I guess if I do a Mood Board, I need to do a layout!!!
I used just about every color shown, plus a cake, presents, grifitti, and flowers. Photos aren't good but I love them and this is for Jameson's album. She will be 11 this year.

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Oh Kelly, PLEASE jump in!!! My best birthday present---to have a new Mood Board participant!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!


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Have a wonderful birthday!! I'm sure I might be able to find three things on your colorful mood board that inspire me - that cake for one!!!!


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I know!! Isn't that just lucious??? Hope its raspberry inside. That's my favorite flavor----that and lemon!

Sue C

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Hey Nancy ..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY .... thought I may have to shout, it's so far between us :) .... love your colourful mood board :-60... 78 !!! that's so cool

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June is a good month for birthdays! Today is my dad's birthday in heaven; mine and my oldest grandson's is the 26th; and my daughter-in-law's is the 29th. Hope you have a fantastic birthday! I will try to find time to get a page made for this one.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nancy!!! My layout is inspired to your balloons, gifts, birthday cake and loads and loads of colour.



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Ohhhh, can he come do my house??????? Isn't it fun to scrap the everyday moments of our lives?