CHALLENGES June- Photography challenge


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Challenge Host - June
For this monthly Photography challenge, we are using: MOVEMENT

Your challenge is to create a page using a photo, image, or illustration that shows MOVEMENT.
The photo you use must show an active movement of some kind, it can be a train passing by, someone dancing, jumping, an animal running, etc.
It can be so many things but keep in mind that a gest on the face isn't a movement, but you don't need to show a dancer, or someone doing sports to show movement,
sometimes the movement is subtle, sometimes the shadows are showing the movement, and sometimes the wind is making the move.
Just one thing, you can make an extraction, frame the image, use a mask and use the style you want but the photo must be the main focus on your image,
don't make it small or make your page full of elements, in other words, don't create a distraction from the main focus of the challenge.
Have fun and enjoy the challenge...

Here are some examples I did: