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June Pop-up Challenge
The nchallenge is to make a business card and a cell phone wallpaper.
it doesn't matter if you need/or use them, designing them should be fun.
If you wish, download the template I used from for the business card (please give them credit). It has guides to help you.
You can get it HERE: Click on the 3 dots on the left side to get to the dDownload link). *The download will be deleted after a month, because my dropbox is free.
You can do only one side or both. I see using both sides are popular right now.
To protect your privacy, use random numbers and names, for addresses, phone numbers & emails.
For the cell phone wallpaper the size you need depends on your phone. Mine is a Galaxy S9 and my dimensions are 964 x 1766.
For me, it was trial and error until I used this size and it worked perfectly for me.
*I will never use a premade wallpaper again! I loved making my own.
You can make them match or not, it's up to you.
Put your page in the Pop-up Gallery and then a link back to here. I'll leave my comments in the Pop-up Gallery.
Here is my card and wallpaper:


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Challenge Host - June
Love your beautiful page for the pop up challenge DeLoris I will have a go and come back soon is it only in photoshop and not in PNG files if so I will have to do some
Here is mine DeLoris.
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Thank you so much for the challenge DeLoris, very enjoyable to do xx : 0) So sorry for the previous mixup : o( xxx