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I am very pleased to be able to set the challenge this month. I'm currently traveling, but I still have time for it.
The challenge starts with
1 Step Monday 3th.
2 Step. Wednesday 5th.
3 Step. Friday 7th.
4 Final Step Sunday 9th

I look forward to seeing your pages.
I am sorry I am a bit late, unfortunately I had no internet all morning. Here we go!
Please upload your step 1, step 2, and step 3 to the Temporary Progressive Scrap challenge and then return here and post your steps.

Only the final page should be loaded in the Progressive Gallery.

Step 1.
Divide your page in the middle, place a photo on one half, and on the other half a paper which should only be slightly patterned. Or you can also choose only colors for this other side. The page may be divided as everyone likes.

My Step 1.
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Have fun!

Step 2.
Choose a second tiny photo with a frame and place it on the middle line over the big photo and the paper. Let free space be on the right and left sides.
Behind the tiny photo make two decorative lines placed over the middle of the page. That can be color lines, lace, painting lines, and others.

My Step 2.
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Step 3.
On the half side with the paper, paint a big splash and a few smaller splashes of color around. On another place, write a journal or place an element, not too big. Last for this step set a layering of papers behind the smaller image.

My Step 3.
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Final Step
Add a cluster or an item on one side of the smaller image and a title or Word Art near or over the splashes.

I hope everybody had as much fun as I did. Thank you all for taking part in the challenge.

My Final Step.
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Thank you Moni for hosting this challenge.
Thanks for the fun Moni, here is my June 2024 Progressive Challenge step 1 - Hungary-Budapest in 2016-pict. my own made in Hungary in 2016 - paper-DesignsByMagnolia-8th-JustArt-Birthday
my June 2024-ProgressiveChallenge step1-Hungary-Budapest2016.jpg

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