June Progressive Scrap is here!!


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Hello everyone, I am Vicki aka vicki23, I am you host for this months Progressive Scrap. I hope you enjoy what i have in store for you all.

Ok so here we go!!

STEP 1: Choose 3 to 5 papers and blend them all to make your background, use a mix of plain and lightly patterned.. not to busy.

I will be back Tuesday with step 2... I am on Australian time..

STEP 2: Use some brushes, paint, stamps or scribbles not too much though.

I will be back Thursday.. I may be late as I will be away from home as my MIL is having a hip replacement surgery Thursday and I will be going with them.

STEP 3: Choose at least 3 to 5 elements, no less than 3 and no more than 5... make at least to be a piece of ephemera.

I will be back Saturday with Day 4!!

I am home from staying with my Father inlaw the last few days while my Mother inlaw had her long awaited hip replacement surgery, all went well and she should be home tomorrow.

STEP 4: You can add up to 5 new elements to your page, you can duplicate some if you wish, and add a photo if you chose to.. my page is a photo less one.

I will be back late Monday Aussie time with the final step!!

STEP 5: You can add anything else you would like to finish your page and move one thing if you think it needs it, add a title or word art and you are done!

Here is my page.

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Sue C

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We are off to a good start !! here is my blended background. I desaturated three of them and then blended them .... that way I could work with the lights in the page ... when finished I couldn't think what colour or shade I wanted so left it for now .... it's way too hot today (NOT complaining) and we had a tornado warning all afternoon ... I'll pick a colour later



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I'm loving these papers so far. Unfortunately, I won't make a start on the scrap as I am going to be away. More on that later..................


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Thankyou Vicki for hosting this month
Here is my Step 1 and I used 3 papers two fairly plain and the wave paper



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Thank you for hosting, Vicki, this sounds interesting... I used 5 papers from My Man by Vicki Robinson..