June Progressive Scrap is here!!


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Thank you, yes she is doing really well and came home yesterday, she was a bit sore from the 90 minute car trip home but otherwise doing great. Love your page so far too!!


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day 3

Credit: ephemerals von Pixabay


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Thankyou Vicki for hosting this Progressive as it allowed me to get another memory page created about my past major vacations.



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Here is my final page. Because of the title I had to move the bird brush and one flower a little bit.


Sue C

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Looking fabulous people ... another month which shows what diversity in artists we have on this group ... I decided since it is our 150th year as a nation this year 2017 that I would do something Canadian. The history of these ancient people from Northern British Columbia coast is in the notes in the gallery .... it blows me away that they lived for over 5,000 years ...until the Europeans landed .. it saddens me when I read this as I was taking photos ... magnificent people, magnificent culture