June Progressive Scrap is here!!


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Wow, these have all turned out beautifully, thank you all so much for joining me this month!! I will leave some love in the gallery later today!


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Thank you so much Vicky for this beautiful challenge. This was my first one and I hope there are many more to come.


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I know I say this every time, but I have to repeat myself. The talent here is awesome - especially showcased in the progressive challenge. That one can go 'blindly into the night' and create a beautiful cohesive page without knowing what is coming up next really shows so very much talent.

I especially love the backgrounds you have each created. They are wonderful.


thank you for this wonderful challenge!
This is my step 5




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I totally agree, never stops amazing me what people come up with.


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Thank you all ladies for joining me for my first time hosting a Progressive at Just Art.. a little different to the one I host every 3rd month at GDS!! Off to eave some love in the gallery for all these gorgeous pages!!