June stenciling challenge


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Hi everybody! :-21

And welcome to the new June challenge!

This month we are gonna try to do some stenciling!
Paper scrappers and Art Journalers use it a lot, but it can also easily be done digitally.

And it is a good way to use all those brushes and stamps in your stash!
How do you make a stencil?
Step 1: Create a " cloud" of stamps and brushes on your layout, anyway you want!
Step 2: Choose a word too " cut out" and write it on top of the cloud. Be sure to use a bold font, so your word can be easily read.
Step 3: Than use your selection tool and select the word (marching ants)
Step 4: Change to the layers where al your brushes are and delete, so the inside of the word is empty.
Step 5: Make the word "non-visible" by using the little eye before the layer.
Step 5: (Optional) You can ad a line around the word to accentuate, but that is not necessary

If you have any questions, please let me now; I'll be glad to help!

Here are my layouts:

But most important: Have a lot of fun!!!

Thank you so much for looking and I'm looking forward to your layouts!!

Sonja :-i

I made some printscreens from the whole process. You can find the here:

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another different kind of challenge, Sonja ... I'm sure going to give it a try


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thank you for the interesting Challenge!
hope it`s right?
I put different brushes on top of each other, then use the words as a mask for the Brushes, and give a contour and shadow.
Sorry for my bad english!



This is a super cool challenge! I've used a similar technique quite often by cutting out letters on paper layers, but I don't think I've EVER used it to make a paint/brush stencil, so I'm super excited!


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Sonja, fun challenge to stencil words!

Sue C

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what fun ... although my actual stencils are not as pretty and neat as your virtual ones lol ... I need to give this a try :)


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It's so beautiful, Veronica! And you are so fast! I love the beautiful photos of the flowers and the gorgeous blending in the background.
There is nothing wrong with your English by the way.
You have used a different method for the words than I have, but I love it very much! It's all about the creativity and the fun!
Thank you so much for participating!


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Ok, I'm a bit confused??? No smart remarks, Evelyn!!!!!!!:mad: So I have my cloud of brushes with a word cut out of them. Is that it? What do I do with it??????:-29In your two examples, where are the stencils?


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I'm so sorry you are confused, Nancy. That means I didn't explain it very good. So sorry! :-35

On the first layout I used the word "FLY" as a stencil on top of the cloud of brushes with the butterfly.
On the second layout I cut out the word "Remenisce" in the bottom left corner and than added a white line around it to make it stand out.

After I made the stencils I used them on a layout and added photos, frames en embellishments to finish.

I will try to do make some printscreens today and show you.


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Oh, my friend, you explained it perfectly; I just was not seeing it. I was looking at the word FLY and REMENISCE and thinking they were just words typed on the page. NOW I see they are cut through all that is going on beneath them!!! I am thinking there is another step; that you do something with the stencil. I am trying to make more out of it than there really is!! OK!!! Off to play!!!!!
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I'm so happy you understand, Nancy! I still made a topic with some printscreens, so you can follow along; hope it helps!
The link is in the first post.


love a challenging challenge
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hi. Just in case anyone is in doubt ,it is not me in the photo ! it is a stockphoto from Dreamstime .Thank you for the challenge , I did this one in photoshop , but later on I might make an other with the Craft Artist software, I am able to use it much better ( and quicker ) than PSE ...

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I love your layout, Vivi! Great colors (my favorite!) and I love the little cluster with the shoes at the bottom.
Thank you so much for participating!