June Template Challenge

Hi everyone - I ran this challenge, with a similar template, at my shop in May and I thought you might like to join in the fun. Just use my template (click the image to download) to create a page and then link us up here. Everyone that participates through June 30th will be entered into a drawing for a $5.00 coupon to my Scrapbookgraphics Shop!

Have fun and I can wait to see what you create!

Here's my page with the template, using products from my Express Yourself: Hope Bundle


Diane's Art

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Thank you again Vicki. This was a challenge for me as I do not use Photoshop right now. I was able to open up the layered PSD file in GIMP, but I could not figure out how to create clipping masks. I need a good written tutorial on that. I saved each individual layer as a PNG and created the page in Scrapbook Max 2.0.



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Vicki ... I'm just curious ... why did you put the paint and spatters on top?


Miss Social Chatty-ness
these 2 are coming home for Ryan's wedding end of July ♥