June Template Challenge

Evelyn - that's a great question! I'm a mixed media artist and I love finishing my art journal pages and other pieces with black ink splatters (although sometimes I use white) so I mimic that in most of my digital pages. In mixed media work, there are usually tons and tons of paint, gesso and ink layers all of which build up texture - and many times those mediums overlap each other and anything else on the page and all of that helps unify the page. It's just an artistic technique which has been something I've incorporated into digital work.. But of course the elements in the template can be placed anywhere. you'd like them to be.


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oh, I know they can be moved ... and removed (I took out some hearts) ... I was merely curious ... loved working with the template
What an adorable photo!! I love this page so much ... and I love you used my kit! Thank you so much ... I always get a tingle when i see my product on a page!!


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Isn't he a cutie - love the layout's colors and the template works perfectly with this photo.


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What a lovely photo - perfectly showcased on this layout. Like that you framed it to help it be front and center.

Sue C

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Evelyn ... watch out for artists with a paintbrush or toothbrush, paint when they are standing at a distance from something .... splatters !!!! :) :) ... they are really really fun to do too