Junk Box Challenge - August


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It's been a while since I did a Junk Box Challenge.

I need to emphasize that this is NOT a treasure box, it's a JUNK box. In other words it's full of mismatched junk. It's your challenge to make a cohesive page out of what you find in the box. Apart from adding text and/or journaling you can ONLY use what's in the box and NOTHING else! You can do what you like with it, i.e. recolour, reshape, cut and shut, different layer blendings etc. etc.........just be creative!

Make sure you upload to the Junk Box Challenge section of the gallery, either as your original upload category or check/tick that as an additional category. Please post your page back in this thread so I don't miss it. I will make my comments in the gallery rather than here in the thread.

This is my sample page. There is no white paper in the box so I have left some of the original white background which you can do if you wish.

You can download the junk box in the registered members only section of the forum HERE.


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Thank you Robyn. I deal with literally thousands of moss rose blooms in the summer - I dead-head them daily. Once in a while I run into a little beauty like this one which looks more like a "real" rose - it was off by itself in the purple alyssum.