Junk Box Challenge September 2017


Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to be here today! Veronika asked me to take the Junk Box Challenge so here I am! (Thank you Veronika this seems to be super fun!)
She kindly gave me the liberty to shake things up a little so here is what I have planned for you:

1. You are all invited to go around in my attic (a.k.a. My blog –> dhariana scraps ;) );
2. Choose 3- 4 kits to work with (You can pick any mini kit, or full kit you find in there. I’ll leave the CU itens out of the challenge for now. Of course you can pick them, just don’t use for the purposes of this challenge.)
3. Now, just to make things a little more interesting, I’ll give you a tic tac toe of things I want you to use:


Word ArtFrame

Washi tape
StitchesWhite Space
You can pick at least three things you want to use in your LO, in any order as long as you use at least three of them.
There is no limit to the number of itens you use either.

4. Make your LO and post in the challenges gallery HERE, than come back and post your LO here so we all can see it,
5. Don’t use anything apart from what is in the kits you chose (Exceptions are: photos and font for journaling)
6.You may recolour, cut and shut, do whatever you like with the itens in the kits you chose.
7. Don’t forget to specify wich kits/ mini kits you used and wich three or more itens from the tic tac toe you chose ok?
8. The most important rule: Have fun!!!

I can’t wait to see what you are going to do!

Do you want more Junk Box fun?
Robyn was the first to do the Junk Box Challenge back in June 2015. Go HERE

Gabi took over in 2016. Go HERE

Edit: I made a page too!!! ;)

Ok, with no further ado, let the fun begin!!!! :D
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Thank you so much Dhariana (Cintia?) for not only hosting, but generously providing free kits to work with. This looks like a lot of fun!



Hi Robyn, yes my name is Cintia, but I've been using dhariana as an Internet name for a while now... (It is SO hard to be able to use Cintia as a username!!! It is always already taken! ;P ) Thank you for comming here, I hope you can play with us!!!

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Thank you Cintia. I used row 1 across - flower, patterned paper, & brush and put together a family history layout from your beautiful collections. I also added WA and a frame.

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Thank you for the wonderful kits and the challenge. I used Odds and Bits, Wind of Change, Unwind, Fashionista
I used 2 down: patterned paper, stitches and word art. Plus flowers.



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Thank you for the challenge ad your lovely kits.......stitching..word art.. flower.. brad..patterned paper ..washi-tape and brush
Kits :- Odds and Bits..Do Your Best..Old Photo..True Love


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Thank you, Cintia, for hosting this challenge and for supplying the awesome kits.... from odds and bits, I used flowers, patterned paper, and word art....