Let the Genie out August challenge


love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - August

Hi every one

Who doesn’t want to be granted 3 wishes ? Well here is your


Let the Genie out of the bottle , and scrap the 3 wishes , you would like to have granted !

You can do separate pages for each wish, or you can put all your wishes in one basket so to speak, and make 1 page that contains them all. Both are valid for this challenge.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Please post both in the gallery Here and in this forum thread so we can all wish with you. If you choose to make 3 pages please post in separate posts. That way I see them for sure.

Go for it - let the Genie out- wish !


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Challenge Host - August
WOW Vivi, you always come up with THE most creative challenges. THANK YOU!! JA6