Letters to the editor , June Art journaling challenge


I'm not sure if I really understood the guidelines of the challenge, but here is a theme that is particularly close to my heart, since it is about the survival of the forest in my city. ;) Translation of the text:

After the ecological, health and human disaster, due to the fire of the Seveso complex of the Lubrisol Company, in Rouen, here is the Metropolis, the Region and the 2 municipalities concerned, Saint-Etienne-Du-Rouvray and Petit-Quevilly , want to destroy the lung of the region.
The project, which is more than 20 years old, plans to increase the university campus from 6,500 to 15,500 students, and the area of activity, from 80 to 120 companies by the year 2035. But this project would sacrifice 63 hectares of Madrillet forest.
More than 60 hectares of forest and moors will then be cut down and concreted, with the pretext of ecological transition and sustainable development. We repeat once again, ecological transition does not destroy forest patches and their ecosystem.
Valuing companies by falsely calling them "green", even if they destroy ecosystems; this technique is unfortunately well known: it is called "greenwashing". Deforestation is hidden by the word "eco-technologies" and the eco-constructions promised with the project. Unfortunately, it seems that concrete does not filter the air like forests can. Decidedly, the Rouen headquarters have decided to suffocate us.
Hope google translator did his job well