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Limited Color Palette Challenge

We all use color to create a visual impact on a page. It is also possible to achieve impact by using a subtle, more limited color palette. You may have to dig deeper into your knowledge of design principles to create a visual punch, but that is the challenge. On my page, I used value, tone, texture, and brushes to keep it from being monotonous. Looking forward to seeing your artistry. After posting my first challenge last month, I know I will be wowed by your pages.

This page was originally in a blog article at Get It Scrapped.

Rose Thorn

Your page is stunning! This challenge looks interesting...I'll have to put on my thinking cap and plan a chunk of time to PLAY with this. :-28


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I love challenges that make you think outside the box!! This one is awesome!!

Sue C

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Challenge Host - September
love your sample page .... sounds like an interesting challenge with something to learn ... that's always cool


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Challenge Host - September
Deborah, wonderful challenge and love your beautiful limited color palette page!


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Challenge Host - September
Thank you for hosting this excellent challenge Deborah.

Diane's Art

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Awesome challenge Deborah!! Beautiful layout!! I love these type of challenges that allow us to learn different techniques to apply to our layouts. It makes us step outside of our comfort zone.


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Challenge Host - September
hmmm ... your creation is gorgeous, Deborah ... I'm laughing already and I haven't even started ... wonder how many layouts I'll discard
I left a comment in the gallery, but I wanted to tell you again how perfect this page is for the challenge. Thank you for participating. You are not only super-fast but do extraordinary work.
You sound like me! I always have at least 3 versions of every page I create, and more likely than not come up with a 4th and 5th version before starting all over again. UGH!