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Limited Color Palette Challenge


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I do not know which instruments you used but one intense page, I would even really want to caress lapinos


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Oh thanks to all!! I used "Image/Adjustments/HueSaturation and Color Balance. For the flowers I used the Blending Modes...


This was a wrestle with Photoshop and my inner artist - the entire time. . . but I loved it. In researching just what and how to use a limited palatte, I found several great sites to help me with color palattes, loads of info on how 2 and 3 color only (with white) painting palettes help rl artists. And there was one site about digital artists/illustrators using 2 or 3 colors, loads of desaturate and such. I hope to find more information from that last blog as I need to do his challenge - 'paint' with PS for one month using only 2 colors. Thank you so much for this entertaining and informative challenge!
I need to do the month because I realized my issue with balancing colors is probably fixable with practise. . . on this one I struggled to not have everything the same note, or would that be value? hue?