Loads of Lace Challenge


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This is just a quick little challenge to get the month up and running.

I'm sure that most, if not all of you, have lace elements in your stash. Your challenge is to create a page with LACE being the 'hero' of the page. Personally, I LOVE lace! It's possibly considered as being not 'current' in the scrapbooking world right now, but I see no reason why it can't be incorporated into an arty page as well as a more traditional page. It's just a bit more of a challenge! LOL

If you don't have any lace I've put together just a few bits and pieces from old kits of mine. They aren't that exciting, but you are welcome to download them HERE if you wish.

Please upload your pages to the Monthly Challenges gallery HERE.

I'll be keen to see some arty and traditional pages.


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Robyn, thank you for the beautiful lace. I don't usually use lace but I do have a perfect kit in my stash to use for your loads of lace challenge.


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I love lace....not always easy to use but love it anyway. Thanks Robyn, will be back with this one


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Here is mine. Lace and wild and free horses are somewhat of a strange combination, but this page got a life of its own as it went along! LOL I liked the word art and so had to find a picture that fitted with that................it's not initially what I had in mind at all, but I'm quite pleased with the overall look, even if it is a little strange!



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It isn't strange at all. The design so complements the photo. Great start to this challenge.

Sue C

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What ??? Lace isn't current ???? ..... lol .. I love lace of all kinds .. I'm always making lace or cleaning up old images of lace .. I collect vintage lace ... I've got yards and yards ... going to love love this challenge :)


Lace is a freebie brush



What a fun challenge Robyn! I downloaded your lace but am anxious to see how much of it I already have!!

hy ellen

You should see my 'real' lace collection....I love lace!!! Now off to think and check my stash. I love the idea of using lace brushes as well.