Our July Progressive Scrap starts this Sunday, 12th.  Thank you to Karen (Pekarokiki) who will be our host for this challenge.

March Finish the Sentence + 1


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OF COURSE, I have an explanation, Anne ... at first I thought you meant divide literally ... cut it into pieces ... and I was clueless about the intersections! Then you answered my question by saying "eyeball it", which was no help at all! But then I saw the page by WendyP and then the lightbulb went off BUT it was too late because I had already found this template and created this. You said "no hard and fast rules, have fun ... I had lots of fun working on this ... I never liked math



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I had to try one more Anne. Thinking I was about four in this photo and that might have been my birthday cake. I was obviously unhappy that I could not dig into it immediately. Come to think about it, that would still rankle me a little. I love putting a little color to these ancient black and white photos.

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