May 2023 GSO.

Love the gorgeous page by lpieters1--beautiful photo, clusters, word art and beautiful mix of all the kits used!

Wonderful magical page by Mary! Love the very beautiful scene she created with some fairies, artsy bits and everything. Love, love
Micheline your spoiling me...Thank you so much...doing my happy :-7 :-10:-l💃💃💃:-62:-62
My first vote of Friday goes to Poppy for the gorgeous & quiet scene she created
with the Possibilities Collection. Congratulations on your well deserved GSO,Mary !


Thank you so much Helga....doing my happy :-7:-10:-l 💃 💃 💃 :-62:-62
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I love this tunning page from Jody. I love the design and the little elements you placed so well. I love the butterfly, flowers, and word art.
Thank you so much. I am glad you like it.
Love the gorgeous page by wvsandy--adorable and happy girl dressed in pink and beautiful pink colors, clusters, messy threads, artsy bits and word art!