CHALLENGES May Mystery door challenge


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Welcome to a new exciting Mystery door challenge.
This month I come with 12 new doors!
Here are the rules, please read carefully before requesting:

1- In order to complete this challenge, you must complete only one door. (each door has a different challenge)

2- Each door includes a zip file with a challenge (written in a notepad), some of them could include mini kits, elements, papers, etc. And some won't include anything more than the note with the challenge.

3- You must follow the directions in the note in order to complete the challenge. Once your page is finished, you must upload it to the Mystery door category in the gallery (The TITLE of your page should be the number of your door, for example, Door 4) and then come back to this thread and post it here as well.

4- You must request one door and only one door only, I will PM you the link to the file. Once you uploaded your page to the gallery and posted it here you may request another door (in a new post...and tag me, so I don't miss your request: @Kakleidesigns )There's no limit for how many doors you can do, you can do the whole 12, but one at a time. If you request more than one, I will send you only one of them.

5- You can't change the door, so please don't insist. (And please don't reveal what is behind your door...that's why we call it Mystery challenge)

6-I will comment only in the gallery.


So, which door would you like to request first...From 1 to 12?


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I will start with door 12 please. hopefully I wont have to download anything as I have very very very limited internet access for the next few weeks.