Merry Christmas all ...

Sue C

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I can't believe I've been gone for a year, ever since I entered the magic door of KAIZEN ... I just started Sebastian's new course ... Conceptual Fine Arts in co-ordination with Brooke Shaden ... if you don't know her work yet, please google her and take a look .... I've just been published once more ... page 29 ... .... I miss this wonderful site and everybody on it ... time marches on



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Seasons Greetings Sue. We miss you. A lot.... Have a lovely Christmas,and I am so glad you are enjoying your courses.


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Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Sue we do miss you and hope you will come back soon to


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Sue, it’s wonderful that you’re enjoying Kaizen and started a new course by Sebastian and congrats on being published again.
Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year.


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Enjoy UR classes. We will be missing you, please update us on your work, by popping in from time to time!!
Merry Christmas!!


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Sue, there is some pretty amazing art work in that magazine. Your angel is excellent. The expression is just perfect. I am so in awe of your accomplishments.


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Thankyou Sue for sharing with us what you have been doing. Your Angel artwork is lovely. I hope you have a safe and Happy Christmas.