CHALLENGES Mix and Match September challenge


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Challenge Host - September

Welcome to a new monthly Mix and match challenge.
I am providing you with a mini kit that includes 4 papers and 20 elements from many different kits of mine.
Your challenge is to create a page using ONLY what comes in the kit (you can add a text/word-art and/or an image, nothing more)
mixing and matching a minimum of 2 papers and 8 elements. You can change colors, blend paper, elements, use them as masks, just feel free to create what makes you happy. (You don't need to make an artsy page or use the original colors, just be creative and be yourself)
Here is my page, I change some of the colors and some I blended, I used 3 papers and 14th elements and added a Word-art by me.

Have fun and enjoy!



Thank you so much for the challenge and the minikit!
I mixed and matched it with a photo of mine of some hydrangeas.
Sometimes when I'm playing around with elements and papers and don't have any ideas what to do, something "strange" happens... Suddenly a story begins to involve itself on my screen and it all makes perfectly sense. That's inspiration to me!
So thank you for inspiring me once more!