Monthly note card challenge ...

Sue C

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Here's my challenge .. I will do this monthly giving you a topic to use for your cards ... my idea is to make these cards ready to print off and be able to adhere them to a card or print them in the right spot and cut the card when you are done ....

I'm giving you a template for both a sideways and upright card ... the right size to post here so you don't have to figure that out and the right size to print... simply use it as your template, either to fit it before posting or creating on the template the end of the year we will have a collection of note cards that we can print and give as a gift with envelopes or use ourselves ... all original to the site. For this you HAVE to use the template or the same size as they have to all be the right size for printing and adhering to a card that is 1/2 of a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch card. Makes it easy. If you use the lighter scrapbooking paper for the envelopes it will make a really nice gift.

Here's the template file:
Here's a site for an envelope template:

June ... Month 1 ... Thank You cards ... 1 of each sideways and upright

Please upload your card to the NEW monthly card challenge gallery HERE.

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Elk Fan

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I can't download the template. It takes me to dropbox and then says the file doesn't exist.

Sue C

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No ... you don't have to create the envelopes .. I just added that link if somebody doesn't have a template ... if you decide to use the cards you will need an envelope :)

Sue C

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All fixed .. I just checked it .. I had put in the link through my account instead of the actual link ... it's so natural to pick up that link in the gallery here and paste the link in and that is exactly what I did lol ... creature of habit ... it should be okay now ... Thank You :)


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Sue, thank you for the wonderful challenge and for the template files. Great idea to have a monthly note card challenge.
Love your beautiful Thank You cards--especially the purple one!