Monthly note card challenge ...

Sue C

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Don't forget that it's a thank you card this month :) ... unless you want to do the same type of card in another month if it happens to come up :)

Diane's Art

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I am sorry Sue! I misunderstand the instructions. I was looking at the theme of flowers. I can easily change this to a thank you card.

Sue C

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Leave it Diane ... all is good but I will probably want to use the 'thinking of you' at a later date ... maybe do a thank you card then ? unless you want to do the same one again :) .... no worries :)


love a challenging challenge
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This should be a nice challenge to keep coming back to, Thanks for setting it up

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I have quarter-fold card paper with envelopes, so I'm going to use that for the notecards. These will make a nice gift. Thank you for the challenge, Sue.



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Thanks Sue. Great idea. Please let me know if I need to change anything. Love the cards I am seeing.

Sue C

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as long as they are sized the same as the templates all is good ... these are beautiful