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Thanks for the unique challenge, Karen! I've never been a high heels kinda girl so it was more fun playing with them in PS than it would be wearing them!
CREDITS:Hello Spring: designed by Chris McCune; Just Art Challenge & basic shoe: My Spring Shoe by Kakleidesigns at Just Art; Kit: Steampunk Pretty by Kathryn at My Memories; Tag: Spring is in the Air by LLLcrtn; Mirror effect: PS Style by Linda Saatgast; Fonts: Lilly Mae, Helvetica CY, Torta Ornamentals.



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Just Art –Shoe Challenge
This is my first post so I don't know if I am doing this right or not.
Zella Jane - Easter Card 04-06-21
Paper:: DRB Awakening - Pp 02 Free SG for the insides of EASTER
Brush: AASPN & KFM Artsy Paint 13_6 Altered 01-10-2020
Pink Tulips - Natures Story - Creative Gardening 01-23-2020
SRoberts - Photo Fades Vol 1_01
Font: LaurenScript for Zella Jane & Title
Font: Arcon for Journaling
Photo: My Great Grand Daughter by her Mom or Dad.

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@KFM - thank you for your first post and gallery image, and WELCOME to our site.

You had included your image in above post as an attachment. I have changed that for you.

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I got brain fog and just sat looking at the shoes for so long .... eventually came up with this but now I'm thinking I've not got it right with the shoes being the main focus - which they are really lol but just not as big as the boot house 🙈🙈 .... I added some words to the nursery rhyme to incorporate the shoes....... Thank you Karen for the beautiful shoes an for hosting x