Mystery door week 4- final week!


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Challenge Host - April

Welcome to the final week of Mystery door challenge!
This Week, we have DOOR 10, DOOR 11 and DOOR 12. (you can request only one door between 10 and 12)
Every door is a different challenge, each door has some guidance to complete a page.
You can participate in every week challenge, or in just one, or 2, etc. That's your choice!
There are 3 doors per week!
This weekly challenge will go from March 22nd to March 30th.
You must complete the pages from week 3 in order to request a door here. But don't request
new doors from weeks before, because I will ignore your messages, please!
And please tag me with every post!
The challenges are easy and simple to follow, so don't worry about it too much, so which door do you choose?

Door 10, 11 or 12?

I choose door 11



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Challenge Host - April
Number 12 please...Thank you but I still don't understand or know how to tag (except the tagging on the image we post)... please explain :0]


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Challenge Host - April
Debbie if you start typing with @ and then the first few letters (i.e. Kak) you will get a pop up of all members starting with Kak, in this case Kakleidesigns. Press on that pop up and that member will be in @Kakleidesigns

Clear as mud?