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Mystery Doors September challenge


Honestly the most difficult of doors for me oops !!! Not used to doing this kind of page, and above all, no inspiration at the beginning LOL I therefore present the city of Rouen, 6 km from my home, "City of 100 bell towers chime in the air" according to Victor Hugo :)
translated text:
The Gros-Horloge
one of the emblematic monuments of the city, surmounted by a 14th century astronomical clock, listed as a Historic Monument
Notre-Dame Cathedral
the most prestigious Gothic monument in the city of Rouen, the spire of which measures 151 meters
Armada & Panorama XXL
large gathering of tall ships from around the world, organized every 4 to 6 years. Here in front of the Panorama XXL, in blue, 35 meters high and with a diameter of 34 meters, the largest in Europe, offers to see giant and panoramic works
Jeanne-Marie Leprince of Beaumont
born in 1711 in Rouen, rue du Gros-Horloge, author of around 70 volumes of children's stories, such as "Beauty and the Beast", considered one of the first authors of this genre


I hope not to hurt anyone with this kind of dark humor, very popular in France (see Charlie Hebdo) and I admit very used by my dear husband LOL (be careful, I am still very far from the verve of Charlie Hebdo .... but I like it a lot, I admit)
I make 2 versions with the same theme