Mystery doors Week 2


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Challenge Host - April
Welcome to the 2nd week of Mystery door challenge!
This Week, we have DOOR 4, DOOR 5 and DOOR 6. (you can request only one door between 4 and 6)
Every door is a different challenge, each door has some guidance to complete a page.
You can participate in every week challenge, or in just one, or 2, etc. That's your choice!
There are 3 doors per week!
This weekly challenge will go from March 8th to 15th. On March 15th the 3rd week will be posted in a new thread!
(I will only send the doors that belong to the proper week, so please don't request a door from week 1 here. )
And please tag me with every post!
The challenges are easy and simple to follow, so don't worry about it too much, so which door do you choose?
Door 4, 5 or 6?

Enjoy and Have fun! :giggle: