New challenge now or wait?


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I have an idea for a cute (I think) challenge ... are y'all up for one more now or should I wait til October ö¿ö

Sue C

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I'm up for one now :) but October is only 6 days away .... BAHHHH !!! ..... I don't want October .... :-18


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I'm always up for a challenge Evelyn...
I know what you mean Sue: "Winter is coming!" when October is there..


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New challenge now, please

Not unhappy it's fall. Fall means this heat and humidity is on the way out. Unfortunately, the lovebugs are coming. It's always something. But, I don't have to shovel any of this, so...


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I don't mind when you kick off with a new challenge Evelyn. I always appreciate it when anyone is willing to host a challenge.



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Challenge Host - September
Evelyn, I'm looking forward to your challenge. Let the challenge begin!


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Challenge Host - September
I'm behind on the September challenges, but always glad to see a new one! And I think it's so cool that members can begin a challenge anytime. Robyn rocks!