CHALLENGES NEW! Lucky Dip Challenge - September

Thanks Robyn for the Lucky dip
Lucky Dip Rainy day.jpg
Welcome to my new LUCKY DIP Challenge!

This challenge is very similar to Karen's Roulette Challenge. It won't be style based, as in fantasty, vintage, traditional etc., it will be theme based.

This month the theme will be umbrellas. Every file will have an umbrella or reference to an umbrella in it. I have made papers, searched the internet for copyright free photos, made quite a lot of stuff in A.I. etc. etc. As the name implies, it is going to be a lucky dip. You won't know what you are going to receive in your download. It could be a jumbled mixture of traditional elements, photos, papers, old vintage cards, A.I. images, fantasy, word art, silhouettes, weird and wonderful stuff!!

I am trialing a new way of hosting this type of challenge (a little different from Karen) so PLEASE read the following.

  • 1. Your download will consist of around 10 images - I got carried away in the preparation and I've prepared way too much stuff! I couldn't decide what to leave out and what to include so you get it all to sort through and decide what you can/can't use. You may use just one of the files or as many as you like in your page. You can also add any other stuff that you may have in your stash to your page (in addition to what is in your download) There is a total of 15 downloads that you may request during the month.

  • 2. This is VERY IMORTANT! Please do NOT put the number of the download file in either the TITLE of the image or in the DESCRIPTION of the image. I don't want others to know what they are getting! The whole point of a challenge such as this is the mystery factor; that's why it is called a lucky dip. If you forget and do reveal the download number, I will need to edit and change it.

  • 3. Please work with whatever you have in your download and post an image in the gallery before you request another download.

  • 4. When you request another download you cannot ask for a particular numbered download. I will keep track of what downloads I have sent to you.

  • 5. Also IMPORTANT. Please do NOT request a download in this thread. All requests need to be sent to me via PM. You don't have to open a new message for every request. Providing you don't delete the orginal message to me, you can just keep adding to that message. I feel that for me this will work well (but time will tell!) as requests can get lost in a wordy thread. Like I say, it's a trial for me this month and I will see how it works and if this is a popular concept (or not). When sending me a request, please remember that I'm in Australia and allow for time zone differences.

If you have read all the way through these lengthy does and don'ts, congratulations and thank you! :) I hope you enjoy what I have prepared for you.

I will comment in the gallery only and not here in the thread. I think without my comments and no requests, this thread should keep 'clean and organized'.. . . and if you know me, you will know that I'm a fussy perfectionist! LOL

It's been quite a lengthy process getting everything made and ready for this challenge and I know that I've ended up with way too much stuff!! I have loved doing it however, and I hope you all enjoy what's in the files. Not all of it will be to everyone's liking, but hopefully there is enough variety to keep everyone happy.

I am looking forward to seeing your creative pages!

. . . . and last but not least. I have made a new category in the gallery for Roulette and Lucky Dip Challenges. It's under the Monthly Challenges heading and you can see it HERE.

Love your creation and a huge THANK YOU - with all you do to keep us happy and then you do this - should be so much fun ♥