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News about Mary (Poppy)


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Thank you Rosie for the good news about Mary going home. Hope she will soon be feeling much better. Sending love and hugs to her


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Rosie, thank you for the update. Good news that Mary is home and I agree it's safer for her to be at home than at the hospital. Sending Mary positive thoughts and big hugs.


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I have some good news about Mary. She had a better night last night and the doctor has now sent her home with oral antibiotics. He says, and I agree, that she will recover much quicker at home. Also, with the risk of COVID she will be safer. It turns out that she had gastroenteritis because the hospital failed to give her any antibiotics after the surgery (which they should have done of course). She is really tired but sounding a lot more positive xxxx
Thank you Rosie for the update, so relieved Mary is back home now and will continue to get better xxx


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Thanks for the update Rosie, Mary's situation is sounding much better! ❤️


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Thank you for the update. So happy she is home, sending love and healing thoughts.


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What a horrendous ordeal! Very happy to hear she is home and safer there than the emergency hallway. Sending lots of love and hugs.


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Thank you for the update Rosie - so pleased that she's now home, definitely the best place and thank goodness they have now given her what she should've had in the first place. I really have no faith in our health system, sadly........ but thank goodness it is now all working in Mary's favour. Wishing that she gets well very soon and sending lots of best wishes and hugs :-62 :-36


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So glad to hear Mary is back in the comfort of her own home. Sad to hear that the hospital staff dropped the ball in the first place by not giving her the antibiotics she needed after the op. Better days ahead. Please pass on my good wishes to Mary.


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@Pekarokiki Karen it's not just your health system ... what a mess my stay was last year. So relieved to hear she's home with meds and feeling better already. Thanks for keeping us updated, Rosie and give her my love, too.


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This is great news @Rosie I am so glad to hear she is doing better and home. There is no place like home for better healing ❤️


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Just reading all of this now, so glad that she is back home and sending hugs her way!!! So sorry that this happened to her. We sure miss her here. Sad that she was not taken care of properly in the first place!!!


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So sorry to hear about Mary's bad news but glad she's at home getting better. Thought something was up when she wasn't on here for a few days. Sending her my love for a quick recovery. care-L


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So pleased Mary is back at home and with the right medication.....Not very good about the Hospital..someone should have picked up on that ! before she left last time ..Overworked they are and are doing a great job in the Hospitals...but they can't make silly mistakes ......Hope Mary continues to recover ♥ ♥

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Thank you for letting us know Rosie. I am glad that you are home now Mary. Praying for quick healing. Take care!