November 2023 GSO

Love the gorgeous page by Karen (Kakleidesigns)--gorgeous clusters framing the beautiful woman, colors, paper strips, artsy bits and word art!

:-61 Thanks so much, Grace, I just couldn't stop myself and overwhelmed the page...LOL, but thanks so much for bringing joy to my night and doing my happy dance...:-l:-f:-f:-f
Love this page by Blackthorne...Helga, with the beautiful Ballerina, the artsy bits, the clusters, the colors and the word strip....
I always wanted to be a ballet dancer when I was young ...🩰 nope it never happened lol..
Thank you so much, Mary - Have you ever seen the french ballet series about
a forbidden door (to the roof of the Ballet School in Paris) ?

" L age heureux 2 1966" in french on Youtube

This final page by @sandra-9663 is gorgeous, I love the clock, the representation of the 2 seasons, the elegant elements and gorgeous WordArt; everything is just exquisite!
Thank you so much, Karen, for your kind words!! Doing the Progressive is exciting, and the anticipation is fun. All your time and your work in putting it all together is greatly appreciated.
Love the gorgeous page by Bubby--beautiful shades of brown and amber lights, beautiful women, wolf, clusters, artsy bits, blending and word art!