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*November 2021 ATC (Artist Trading Card) challenge!
If you are new to making ATCs, the only "rule" is that they must be 2.5" x 3.5" or 3.5" x 2.5" (That is 750 x 1050 pixels or 1050 x 750 pixels.) This is so that they fit into those plastic sleeves used for baseball trading cards, to preserve them. Normally, the back of physical cards has a title, name of artist, and date. They can be made in any medium, but here ours are digital. Here is a link to a zip of various ATC templates:

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and new book template

SherryD_ATC book

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Label your entry your-name_ATC_month_year. Upload your entry to the ATC gallery, then come back to this thread and show us your ATC. I will comment in the gallery.
*This month you only need to make one ATC to consider the challenge complete. Of course, you are welcome to make more. Please choose from one of the following themes:
1) A Change of Local - Choose any country (other than your own) and create an ATC that is indicative of it's culture.

2) Nov 10 Is National Forget-me-not day, a day to remember friends and family. Typically involves sending emails or cards featuring the flower or enclosing packets of the flower seeds. Create an ATC that has forget-me-nots and anything else you want to incorporate such as photo of a special friend or loved one.


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Thank you Sherry for hosting this challenge. LOVE the Japanese themed card!

hy ellen

Oh! I'm excited. I actually do ATC's in an invitation only fb group and I love these little pieces of art. I quickly worked with a completed 12inch page to create my first ATC here. Thank you for the challenge.
Created with kit 'Cafe in Paris' by Carin Grobe Design- own photo with extraction



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Oh what wonderful ATC's!! I've made a lot of these by hand, but also love making them digitally, too. I'm going to try this challenge.


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Thank you for hosting Sherry , here is my offering.



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Well, if I'm to choose another country than my own - there can only be one!