CHALLENGES November Challenge Tracker.


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Challenge Host - December
Use this thread if you would like to keep track of the challenges that you have done during the month of November

There is no need to link (but it can be helpful if you do) and it's optional whether or not if you want to use this thread. ;)
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Challenge Host - December
1 Greeting Card Challenge DeLoris. LINK
2 Mini Kit Challenge Rosie. LINK
3 Colour Challenge Grace. LINK
4 A Change of Local Challenge Sherry. LINK
5 Quote Challenge Grace. LINK
6 Gi'me Gi'me Gi'me Arrows Challenge Vivi. LINK
7 Slat Frame Challenge DeLoris. LINK
8 Mood Board Challenge Glyn.LINK
9 Craftwork Challenge Barb. LINK
10 Mix and match Challenge Karen. LINK
11 Decorate a Face Challenge Karen. LINK
12 Project 52 Letter S Jody. LINK Letter T LINK Letter U LINK
13 P.S. Step 1 LINK Step 2 LINK Step 3 LINK Step Four. LINK Step Five. LINK
14 Build a Turkey Challenge. DeLoris. LINK
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Challenge Host - December
1 ATC Challenge &
2 Big Photo
3 Color Challenge
4 Rosie's Mini &
5 Mask Challenge
6 Greeting Card
7 Mix & Match
8 Craftwork: Touch Of Lace
9 Face
10 Altered Photo
11 Gimme Arrows
12 Clean & Simple
13 Finish the Sentence
14 Mood Board
15 Quote
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1. Rosie's Mini kit
2. Clean and Simple
3. ATC Japan
4. HSA Mask
5. Prog day 1
6. Prog Day 2
7. Mix and Match
8. Prog day 3
9. Prog day 4
10. Progressive Final
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1.color challence-brown
2.decorate a face
4.big photo
5.word link
6.finish the sentence'me gi'me gi'me arrows a turkey
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Challenge Host - December
November challenges
1- Big Photo challenge- LINK
2- Finish the sentence plus 1-LINK
3- Decorate a face challenge (Hosting)-LINK
4- Mix and match challenge- (Hosting)- LINK
5-November Craftwork Challenge-LINK
6-November Altered Photo Challenge-LINK
7-November mask challenge- LINK
8-November Mood Board-LINK
9-Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge-LINK
10-November Greeting Card Challenge-LINK
11-Clean and Simple Challenge-LINK
12-GI'ME GI'ME Gi'ME arrows November-LINK
13-November Color Challenge-LINK
14-November ATC Challenge-LINK
15-November Quote Challenge-LINK
16-Progressive challenge-LINK
17- P52-W45-S-LINK
19- P52-W47-U-LINK
21- November Word-link challenge-LINK
22-November Build A Turkey Challenge- LINK
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I believe this is my first time with challenges here, so I hope to complete some of them :)
November challenges
1- Big Photo challenge
2- Finish the sentence plus 1
3- Decorate a face challenge
4- Mix and match challenge - Coffee Helps
5-November Craftwork Challenge
6-November Altered Photo Challenge
7-November mask challenge
8-November Mood Board
9-Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge
10-November Greeting Card Challenge
11-Clean and Simple Challenge
12-GI'ME GI'ME Gi'ME arrows November
13-November Color Challenge
14-November ATC Challenge
15-November Quote Challenge
16-Progressive challenge
17- P52-W45-S
19- P52-W47-U
21- November Build A Turkey Challenge
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