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November Colour Me Challenge
Host Kythe
Please note: this will be the last Colour Me Challenge as the interest has waned.

In this challenge I will give you papers and elements. All will be in grey scale. The shadows and highlights will still be visible to help you along.

For those who wish learn how to paint, as a form of re-colouring, I created a PSE2020 tutorial found HERE or HERE (for a zip doc.). It may be the same or different from your usual method. I encourage you to try it. Ask questions if clarification is needed.

Remember: The point is to have fun, learn a new skill, or possibly strengthen a skill you already have. You may use any method or combinations of methods you prefer to re-colour.

As November brings with it a salute to, and acknowledgement of, service men and women and those who have fallen to protect lives, this kit is dedicated to them. (Silhouettes do not need to be re-coloured)

Find the kit HERE:

Kythe's Kreations_ Nov_Colour_Me_Challenge.jpg

The Challenge:

This kit includes more involved elements. Choose 1 of the more elaborate elements and complete a layout OR use at least 2 different simpler items in the kit to create your layout. You may duplicate elements as many times as you like. You may if you wish, take parts of the sketches and join them together to make new elements and colour them.

Re-colour the chosen images and then use them in a layout using the kit(s) of your choice.

Please make the re-coloured elements a prominent part of the design.

Post in the Miscellaneous Challenge Gallery and label Colour Me

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  • My layout created with:
  • Colour Me Kit by Kythe Kreations
  • Some elements from Pixabay
coloured 2.jpg
@Poppy I am pleased that you liked the challenge and will continue to use the skill of re-colouring. However, you never know I may pop one in now and then when I see something I want to colour and share. They take a long time to prepare as well as time for participants to complete the challenge it seemed prudent to halt for now.
With so many challenges from which to choose members just didn't have the time. Hopefully members did learn a new skill which was my main goal.
I practiced again with your tut - need lots more Karen - thanks for writing it ♥
@marie149 @Ev It does take practice but the sense of accomplishment is great. I am so pleased that you both tried the challenge. I find that black line stamps are great for colouring.
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Thank you Karen for the challenge, not one I am very good at, I am ok at re-coloring some particular objects, but some I struggle with. Your tutorial is great thank you, but they say practice makes perfect. I re-colored 3 items – 2 papers are from – Independence Day – Janet Scott – Photo – Pexels – Fonts – Abraham - AbelHSAHS
Lots of possibilities with your mini-kit Kythe, thanks so much!
Kythe commented on my page that she liked the way I recolored the paper. I thought I'd share how I did it. I placed one paper over the base paper and blended it. I used a layer mask to erase along the gesso line. Merged down. Placed a solid paper over it and blended. Then added a layer mask, erased on the other side of that edge, and merged down.
One of the neatest things about this challenge is it makes me think of the different ways to recolor things, often ones I wouldn't normally use as my first/easiest/laziest choice :)