CHALLENGES November - Hidden in Plain Sight


The Dreamer
Challenge Host - December
2023 Project 52 Challenge Host
Okay so it seems most of you like this challenge so we will give it another go. This time I have chosen a bicycle.

So, what I would like you to do is make a layout (not related to bicycles in any way) and then hide a bike in it. But, we must to be able to see your bike when we look carefully.

Upload your page to the Members’ Galleries, make the title 'November Hidden in Plain Sight' and then select Monthly Challenges and Miscellaneous and post a link back to this thread by clicking on the little camera on the top tool bar, choose 'your media', click on the layout you want to link, then click on 'continue' at the bottom of the page.

Thank you Glyn for the challenge, last month I got a little carried away and apparently hid it to well, hopefully I didn’t this time. Everything is a mixture – Land of Amber Lights – Rosie – Bold Autumn – Silke – Photos - Pixabay
I am going to need much more powerful glasses...I can't find the bicycle on any of the pages...and I am so lousy at hiding mine...I love this challenge, but I am very bad at it... :LOL:
I'm right here with you Karen but I have found some ... gonna give this a try, didn't last month ... here goes ♥