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Another favourite of mine is Celine Dion. I just love her voice and the feeling she puts into her songs. Celine Dion is one of my top 10 female artists. She has many, many beautiful songs so I hope you have fun with the challenge and I can't wait to see which song you choose.


I will give you all the name of an artist, or group or maybe a genre.

Your challenge will be to create a layout using any song title or lyric from the artist, group or genre offered.

Your layout doesn't have to be strictly about the song. It might be about how the song inspires you, or it could be a memory that is triggered by the song, or a feeling. If you want your layout to be about the song you've chosen, that is perfectly fine as well. It's your choice. Let your imagination soar.

Please add the title of the song or lyrics to your layout.

I hope my instructions are easy to follow. Again, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Upload your page to the Members’ Galleries, make the title 'November Music Challenge' and then select Monthly Challenges and Miscellaneous and post a link back to this thread by clicking on the little camera on the top tool bar, choose 'your media', click on the layout you want to link, then click on 'continue' at the bottom of the page.

My page is for my daughter. I miss her everyday.

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Glyn really didn't say, did she? She showed a song by Cecline Dion
Sorry Kay and Ev and anybody else who may be confused about the artist this month. I did put her name in the brief, twice. I probably should have highlighted it. I've done this now. Sometimes the things that are evident to me, aren't always to others. My apologies.
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Thank you Glyn for the challenge, I love her she is brilliant – I chose Ave Maria. Everything is a mixture between – Instinct of Lovers – Liberta – Valentina – Fonts – Chopin Script – Belliones - Abel
Thank you for the challenge, Glyn. In 1988 Céline Dion won the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland. That was the start of her great career.